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New transparent conductor materials are expected to achieve

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According to foreign media reports, the Pennsylvania State University, the University of Minnesota, the University of Tokyo, Japan and Tohoku University have jointly researched and discovered a new type of transparent conductor material that emits UV light, which may solve the current low efficiency of UV LED technology.
The research was published in the journal "Communication-Physics" with the title "SrNbO3 as a transparent conductor in the visible and ultraviolet spectra" (SrNbO3 as a transparent conductor in the visible and ultraviolet spectra), and proposed the use of UV transparent electrodes to develop high The method of performance UV LED.
At this stage, UV LEDs have been used for sterilization, but due to problems such as low light efficiency and high cost, UV LEDs have not yet been commercialized on a large scale. Scientists and industry insiders continue to study ways to improve the efficiency of UV LEDs to provide sufficient UV doses to effectively reduce viruses.
The use of appropriate materials is critical to improving the efficiency of UV LEDs. The research team at Pennsylvania State University and the University of Minnesota believes that the recently discovered new transparent conductor materials may be a solution to the low efficiency of UV LEDs. The theoretical test results point to strontium niobate materials. . Therefore, they further cooperated with researchers from Japanese universities to obtain the strontium niobate material and use the sputtering method to grow the film to test the effectiveness of the strontium niobate film as a UV transparent conductor material.
The research team pointed out that this research is expected to integrate this new type of material into UV LEDs at low cost and achieve high quality. Although the original purpose of the research was to provide a solution for water disinfection, they believe that this breakthrough discovery can provide a solution to inactivate the new coronavirus in aerosols (which can spread in the air-conditioning systems of various buildings). In addition, other disinfection applications include movie theaters, sports arenas and other crowded places, as well as public transportation such as buses, MRTs, and airplanes.
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