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Several key points that need to be paid attention to in fact

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The lighting design of the factory is directly related to the daily production of the production workshop. If the lighting design is unreasonable, it may cause dizziness in the long-term work of the workers, and even affect the work efficiency. Therefore, in the design process, there are several points that must not be ignored.
Selection of lighting pipes
What kind of lighting the factory needs depends on the classification first. In most cases, the lighting of the entire space is first given. Generally, the position of the main lighting is placed at the top of the middle, and then the number of lights is confirmed according to the size of the factory. If there is local lighting, it is necessary to place reasonable lamps in some key positions according to the specific working environment.
Ensure reasonable illumination
Factory lighting design needs to consider reasonableness, and the illuminance must meet the minimum requirements of the production workshop. When we do factory lighting design, we must consider the level of illuminance, the different distribution of brightness, and whether there will be ghosts in each location. Therefore, it is generally necessary to do a good job in the field inspection, and then to be able to carry out the follow-up design, and need to control the lighting adjustment of some positions at any time during the design process.
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