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We are a team of passionate LED lighting experts who have been involved in the LED revolution from the very start. With a combined experience of more than 10 years in the LED and lighting industry, we are devoted to providing superior design and engineered quality LED lighting and solutions. Our main products have LED Auto Lights, LED Stage Lights, Stadium Lighting, Smart Lighting, Plant Growth Light, Solar Energy Lighting, Flexible Strip Lights, Point Light Source and Controller, Landscape/Road and Site Lighting, Indoor Lighting and LED Display ect.


We supply LED Lighting Products by 72 hours of testing and shipping with 100% good products.
Our competitive advantage is being able to leverage on our knowledge and experience to select the best components sourced directly from suppliers, and combine our engineer’s design capabilities with our  exquisite manufacturing sensibilities.
Our vision is simple; to provide innovative, world-class LED lighting products that represents value without compromising quality


InnovationOur engineers offer industry-leading designs.
ValueWe have our own factory, which allows us to control costs without compromising on quality.
Reliability: We use the only best quality components from industry leading suppliers.
QualityWe ensure our products are designed and built to the highest standards through constant testing and evaluation.
Service: Our intricate bespoke network of partners ensures that we are able to consistently provide high levels of service at each stage from product creation through to product delivery.
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